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back from Jasper

Well, we're just now arrived back from our jaunt into Jasper...

At some point I'll have to start sharing pictures and stuff, right? That'll come, probably when my host parents go out and get the CD writer or new computer that they are planning to.

Katie called me darling! Yay!

I was also on the phone with Jon and Mrs. Helena for a long time last night. It was awesome to hear from them, and I was lucky enough to be in a pocket of rental cabins just outside the Jasper borders where my cell phone worked.

Today we saw mountains and walked on a glacier. We saw breathtaking little waterfalls and many a photographer's girlfriend poised in front of awe-inspiring scenery.

We didn't do enough, though. We only stayed for what adds up to a day, and we didn't do nearly enough trail-walking, mostly because the elders driving us didn't have such young knees. But I want to go back there independently. I'll be sure to do that on my North America circumfrential tour that I'm going to take someday.

Oh, the Big Horn Highway between Grande Prairie and Hinton is a piece of work, too. There were parts of it that were almost - almost - as beautiful as Cape Breton. Add some ocean and it would have been. Strange the things you miss. Aside from hanging out with my friends, I have the incredible urge to get out and look at some Ocean.

Also, I think my Flu is almost gone.

I hope everyone out there is finding excitement and interest in whatever they are doing.
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