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Well, overall I've been having a good time in Grande Prairie, if we don't count this "having the Flu" business. I know, in September! Crazy cool weather up here. Not that much cooler than Halifax, but just enough to get me into trouble. It's jacket time.

I think I got sick as a result of walking back to 94 Ave. & 101 St. from 112A Ave. and 93 St.. This adds up to about 26 blocks, which ordinarily isn't a problem, but oh, those wind gusts...

We were on our way back from an evening at Michelle and Vita's. They were most hospitable hosts. Michelle made all kinds of little snacks for us.

Cezary didn't get sick, thank God. He was able to report to our work placement and the meeting afterward. Work even gave us a copy of Front Page 2003 so that we could do things from home. Awesome, but I'll leave it in the shrinkwrap in the hopes they can conjure up Front Page 2002 instead. 2003 won't work with Windows 98 (4.10.1998) - it needs a Windows 5.x such as Windows 2000 or XP.

At the group meeting after work, everyone received bus passes for the next three months. Good thing they were donated, because bus passes for everyone would have added up to about $2,400. For a small-ish city, Grande Prairie has an efficient transit system. The transit guide is rather amusing - there are four routes, and a complete schedule and a map showing the location of every bus stop is included. Halifax has over 50 routes, but then again, we have 300,000 people.

And I'm also making progress on our ICT. I can't help but laugh thinking about when I phoned Jen to tell her I was sick. Her first reaction was, "What about your work placement?" She advised me to at least drop in, and then go home if necessary. "What about your ICT?" Well, to be fair, the ICT is EXTREMELY important. Mind you, I don't know what it stands for*, but what it means to me is that Cezary and I have to present a lecture on HTML and related topics on Thursday morning. For the following week, we will be doing an EAD (Educational Activity Day) on the Democratic Process.

Anyway, I couldn't even make it to the placement. I started trying to go to sleep at 11:00 last night, but sinus and throat trouble kept me up until 5:30. I woke up with the alarm at 7:30 and decided to go back to bed, because I didn't really feel any better, and my body was saying, "Sleep! NOW!" I felt like I had made the right decision when I awoke in the early afternoon and felt slightly crappier.

I should be servicably okay by tomorrow, and I'll report to work.

A quick tip:

Don't set your water glass down on the floor between your feet for want of a coaster. Having to tell Dwight that I spilled liquid near his computer was not so very much fun. He wasn't upset with me, but I ought to have more respect for their things.

Quote, from Ashley: "You'll find someone who does understand you. And when you do, you should marry her." (Actually, I wasn't even talking about relationships at the time, and it's a subject I generally avoid. I don't make a point of advertising my relationship status anymore.)

I like it here. And as soon as I get back on my feet and figure out what's going on, I'll love it here. Now to continue with my ICT...

* - I remember now. It means, "Information and Communications Technology."
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