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first post from Grande Prairie

Da-da-da-da! I've officially caught up on all my Friends' page reading! Boy, t'was mighty depressing last night when I was entering "skip?=400," I mean, seriously. Okay, some I kind of had to skim, especially community posts, but I did give everything a look.

So I'm in Grande Prairie now. And I have my cell (902)-877-WILL, so people can call me if they're brave.

I'm also being antisocial. I've been here catching up for the past two hours instead of watching Bowling for Columbine with my counterpart and host parents. I must go back and do that.

We'll be starting Community Orientation Camp tomorrow. It'll be GREAT to be back with the rest of the group. I miss them already.

Oops, the movie is over. Well, I'd better get out of here. Anyone still want a postcard? Just go back a couple of posts and put your screened comment in the designated post, thanks.


- William
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