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Thursday night minor alterations

I want food.

Work today went well. Tomorrow will be my last day. Everyone was happy for me, yet there was a bittersweetness to it. I'll miss them. They'll miss me. I love having a life.

I want boredom again.

There's a huge, huge list of small, small things Canada World Youth thinks I need to take to be adequately prepared. This has to come out of my small, small paycheque. Which isn't 'till Thursday. I hate living off MasterCard... I mean, I always pay off my balance in full, but it feels like a cop-out, or like they're slowly trying to pull me over the precipice of debt.

My Story of an Hour castmates really, really want me to make an appearance Thursday night. This combined, with Ryan's evening class schedule, will mean that the party will be bumped back to 9:30pm now. Spread the word - 9:30. It's easy to remember, because that's when the liquor store at Sobey's Mill Cove closes. (Augh, now I have to go back and edit posts such as the main party post. It's all in the name of fun.)

I'm at SMU talking to a ttoh woman named Rolinde from Belgium now. I must drop in on her next time I'm in Europe. Okay, I mean "next, next" time. Netcorps doesn't count. Of course, between getting my Honours and my Ph.D, and visiting Jolene and other Toronto people such as Brooke and my Ontario relatives and my New York relatives and cool people in the States such as Renee ... oh, I can't forget my foster brother Carl in BC - how am I to do it all before 25? Ah, a challenge! (Have I ever criticized Catherine for being internet impetuous? I take it back.)

One thing I will be doing, though, is taking a long break in PEI after I get back from the internship. There will be a few weeks between getting back and the start of Summer Session I, and I intend to use them for a long, long, long overdue vacation. I haven't seen my sisters since Christmas.

And then I'll kick into overdrive, in a quest to get my life back on track. What was I thinking not doing Honours right away? I always thought I'd go to journalism school, but being rejected from there sure put a wrinkle in those plans. I'm just as glad, though, becuase I'm only interested in journalism as a way to get on TV. My passions are few and weak, but journalism was never really one of them, unless you consider Dave Barry a journalist. And therein lies my problem.

I wonder what my first post after I get back is going to be like? Hah! I'm planning my life around my LiveJournal. Christ, this has got to stop! But it won't. At least with this I communicate with real people - well, I guess crack addicts communicate with real people too, such as their johns and/or dealers. Well, at least I'm not watching television! Wait, there are female gymnasts on television now. And female beach volleyball. Okay, this means I should probably become a crack addict who watches too much TV. What do you guys think?

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