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Netcorps tidbits

Score! I've just met my fundraising requirements, and I didn't have to do anything. Three cheers for grandparents and aunts.

You always don't want to call your relatives to ask for money, but it does tend to make things easier when they bring the topic up for you. Fuck, I'm lucky. I'm a lucky, lucky, lucky bastard and I love it.

And in this case, they will be getting tax recipts! Good karma all around, eh?

I'm going to Alberta Friday morning. I'll be back here probably the second week of March, though possibly only for a brief stay before visiting PEI until the Summer Session at Saint Mary's begins.

I think I'll be writing paper journal entries a lot, and transcribing the good ones when I can (which I don't think will be often).

I'm ready!

Also, don't forget the party. UPDATE: It'll happen around 9:30pm, on said same Thursday evening, at said same Ryan Loomis' house, on said same Shore Drive.

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