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Level 5 / The Artifact

In my last entry I probably should have mentioned that my foray into Link's Awakening (or any GB/GBC game for that matter) would not have been possible without the help of nYko, who manufactured the inexpensive worm light that plugs right into the extension port for easy illumination without the need for extra batteries. It's something I picked up years ago on a whim, and I didn't like using it because of the minor obstruction and the way that you can see the light reflected off the screen a little, but now I prefer to use it in all situations except sitting with my back to a large window in the afternoon.

I just beat Level 5, which is analgous to Level 5 in Link to the Past in that it is large and difficult to navigate, but once you figure out the little trick the designers pulled on you, it all slips into place. Anyway, doing it on my own is much more fun than just going to the internet and getting the solutions. So now I finally have the Hookshot, what fun!

The only reason I'm near the computer this late (or early) is that I'm uploading the first CD of The Artifact to traked.org, the website of my director's younger brother who keeps a FreeBSD server in his basement. (!!) If any keeners are online now, you can grab the Artifact files directly at: ftp://ftp.traked.org/pub/willmatheson/films/artifact

The first volume (of two) should be finished uploading in about 120 minutes. I'll be asleep by then, so the second CD / volume will have to wait. (There's not quite enough disk space left on this machine to comfortably hold a whole CD, which I will soon remedy by moving some of my Kazaa'd stuff onto CD-R.) In the meantime, you can look at the featurette, which has already finished uploading and is only about 46 megabytes - plus it's really funny in an embarassing sort of way.

More information about The Artifact:


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