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Bastards! I say that in a gentle way, as this is a flight that I'm not paying for (directly) out of my own pocket. In fact, booked at the last minute, this two-leg, one-way flight to Edmonton is costing them $542.86. Wow. Edmonton can easily be reached for under $200 (Heck, LA can be reached for under $200!), but this requires advance planning. They only confirmed me for this program a week ago.

Anyway, this one-way trip lifts off from Halifax International Airport at 0600h. Augh! So this basically means I'll have to be packed and ready and dressed before the party, and I'll probably have to ask my mother to come and pick me up from there around 3:30, since they want me to be at the airport two hours prior to departure. This is usually unnecessary, and if it were me, I'd show up merely an hour prior. But I intend to fulfill my obligations to the letter. Obligations. Responsibility. No, this is not going to be a vacation by any means, but it ought to be fun.

Mom just threw an empty Tupperware cup at me. "I'm sick of you not putting these in the dishwasher!" (Well, it's because I drink water out of the same glass repeatedly.) Fuck, I hate this place. (I think I'll wait to ask now...)

I guess I have to go to bed soon. Hey, does anyone know of anything cool going on tomorrow night? I want to knird.

I got those pictures about Sunday back today. They're great. I'll share them tomorrow if I can. (UPDATE: They're up now, go here.) And then it'll be time to knird!
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