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LOCATION CHANGE!! Party will now be at Ryan's. See the new post.

I was out with Ryan tonight, like I said. We talked from 10-1:20. I'm really liking this new idea of napping and chilling and not drinking on a Friday night. It's fulfilled my needs much more than going downtown would have, plus this way I pick up Ryan's advice on a lot of things.

I need to work on recognizing how other people feel. I mean this in a literal sense. I'm rather face blind, as people go. Sometimes I can pick things up, but I miss most of it. I think if I can adjust my tempo to harmonize with others some of the time, I'll be able to make more friends more easily (and piss off some of my existing ones less often).

On the other hand, this whole having confidence thing has done wonders for me.

You need a little of everything, really.

Anyway, the real point of this entry is to (go out of my way not to say too much about tomorrow, because I don't want to assume too much or cause you to adopt said assumptions) tell everyone about my going-away party. (Yes, I am going to Grande Prarie, Alberta, where you can watch your dog run away for three days. Then it's off to the Ukraine. I'm sure I'll come back with a healthy glow!)

William's "Party":

- The evening of Thursday, August 19th, 2004, at Buster's in Bedford. This fine establishment (free pool, bad karaoke, casual atmosphere) is located at the corner of the Bedford Highway and Hammonds Plains Road, along bus route 80.

- Just bring yourselves, and, if you like, some friends. (Well, I suppose some ID and a little change for the ezoob wouldn't hurt either. =) Also be sure to wear clothes. And you may want some accessories, such as a watch or camera. Plus you may also want some bus tickets. And if you wear braces, I would suggest keeping them installed for the evening. So when I'm saying, "just bring yourselves," I don't really mean that.)

- Perhaps most importantly, if you're reading this, you're invited. (Except the AltaVista search bot. Yeah! I don't like you! You stay in America!)

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