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... (continued)

... it turns out that guy wasn't her boyfriend. OMG possibilities. Of course, she fake barfed at the mention of Saint Mary's, just like someone else I know, dearer to me, would have done. Well, this is different. So yeah, I guess I can only talk for about five minutes before I get cut off, which is probably just as well. I could have kept talking all night, and that would have made Frank the Goat sad!

God, I need new userpics! Mine SUCK! I've got to go write some shitty poetry, then extract a verse of it and superimpose it onto a PNG of me pouting in some sexy way. I mean, it's what everybody else is doing, right?
"The lights illuminate... but my darkness persists until you brighten my world..." (picture of me beardless, taken with a webcam)

Uh, no. I like my user pics to be unadulterated (oooh! adultery!) pictures of me, but maybe that's the unskilled layperson in me speaking. In any case, I want to stop typing now.

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