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okay, now let's call it "weekend"

After much hemming and hawing, my weekend is finally about to begin. (Though, work has been pretty awesome in it's way. I've gotten to know and appreciate my co-workers where otherwise I might not have. Plus we were given pizza and dessert on our break today, as thanks for coming in on a Saturday. And last night I was given a cup of tea and a cab ride home (even though I could have taken the last bus), as well as paid travel time.)

But after 6 runs back and forth to and from the bus stop (runs, indeed - I was a sweaty mess), and those unexpected keystroke marathons, I think I've earned a pint or three. Mike's going to be picking me up soon, and we'll be going to a party hosted by his friend Brian. After that we may be going to Pacifico. Steve Yorke and Paul Fox will probably be with us, and I hope Jenny comes along too because she's teh aw3som3. No, I'm not flattering her emptily - she's Mike's girlfriend, and none of them read this journal AFAIK.

Anyway, it's time for me to go have fun. Can you expect a phone post or two from me tonight? Damn straight! (By the way, feel free to transcribe them - I'd do it myself, but I think giving other people the ability to do so is the fun part! If you don't see a (transcribe) link next to my phone posts, then comment and I'll add you to my "transcribers" custom security level. Then again, I flatter myself to think that anyone would be interested in transcribing my phone posts - but if you had Paid Accounts, I'd transcribe yours! walrusbeppy, make more phone posts!)

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