William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

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augh, help

Guess what, I'm back home. And I have to call work again in 15 minutes. I'll either be working tonight or tomorrow, and I can't decide which is worse. Tomorrow, I suppose. Anyway, it looks like tonight will be shot, because I could very well be working until midnight. And if not, then early early Saturday. ARGH! This is my WEEKEND they're messing with.

On an unrelated topic, can someone comment and tell me how important it is to be gracious and forgiving and how much value comes out of putting other people first? I really need to absorb myself in all that self-deceiving crap right now.

On the bright side, I was essentially paid to go have lunch with my co-workers this afternoon. They're fun people.

UPDATE: Augh, they're dicking me around AGAIN! "Delayed another hour. Call back at 6:15." CHRIST!!! I WANT MY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!

UPDATE UPDATE: Yes, the system's FINALLY up again! I'll be keying all evening, but not a lick on Saturday, as it should be! So I'm off to town! (Again. Bleah. If I were to pick a mood now, though, it would be something like "relieved.")

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