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long weekend!

I'm at a loss as to how to fill up this long weekend. I'm taking Paul for groceries tonight, which means I can do whatever I want on Friday (tomorrow). There's this all-ages show with people I know playing that I should probably take Catherine to (she's still a minor), or I should just do something with Catherine in general (like Gatsby's!), as I'll be picking her up from the airport after I get off work. And Sunday posseses the usual Sunday activity, with the bonus of not having to work the next morning. (Usually: "Okay, everybody, roll your D20. Will, what'd you get? Will? Will!!") That leaves:

- Friday night
- Saturday afternoon
- Saturday night
- Monday afternoon

all waiting for activities to fill them up. Sure, the Tall Ships are in this weekend, and since I missed them in 2000 (except to do a CRS web project on them), I ought to go down and see them at some point. (Lordy, where am I going to PARK tomorrow? Sure, it'll be 5:15am, but there could be hundreds of cars parked overnight!) But I don't want to do that myself; that's lame. I've been jaded lately by having a social life, and I don't want to do shit by myself anymore.

My ideal idea for Friday has been shot (more due to circumstance than just me), but...

Wait, I'm still allowed to call P**** on Friday afternoon, according to Ryan! (I wonder how long I'll have to wait if she doesn't return THIS call...) Okay, if I got to do something with her, that would be hella awesome.

And there are other people I can call, though I'll be dipping into friendly acquaintances. But this is a long weekend, so that hardly matters. It's time to break all the rules. Wait, if the person I wanted to call is a friend of P**** - no, then I absolutely CANNOT call her. But I've got literally hundreds of other numbers. I've got more FAs than I can count. And Colin and Evan, friends both, are often doing something interesting. Joe and Sarah seemed to party last night and are doing so again tonight - and so are a lot of my MSN contacts - which seems to indicate that Friday could be quite dead, as everyone will be partied out. Right?

Well, something will happen, I just don't like not knowing exactly what. One of these days, with more social experience, I'll learn to love the unexpected.

To my great relief, next weekend is already getting booked up, for the usual Sunday stuff as well as a BBQ for one of my co-workers. My co-workers are all pretty cool people, and I'll miss them all when I inevitably leave, for one reason or another. I'll be bringing a two-four, though I'll probably be going easy myself, and saving myself for that night, or just saving myself so that I don't say something stupid in front of my supervisors. Wouldn't it be grand if they had other plans? Hah, I can't count on that!

As always, my cell number is open for assault at (902)-877-WILL. (Catherine thought it was my home number. Eh? Nice of my stepfather to have me in mind twenty years before he even meets me!) =)

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