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as my supervisor would put it on paper, "NICE TO KNOW TIPS!!"

Just a few tips for you cheque-writing dinosaurs out there:

- Write your letters and numbers to be more than a millimetre tall.

- There's no such month as "Julugust."

- If you're going to be so rude as to put the month in the form of a number, use the format MM-DD-YYYY, unless you live in Québec, where DD-MM-YYYY is standard.

Anyway, there's a long weekend coming up, which we're only getting because Toronto is taking Monday off as well. If they weren't going to, we would be going to work despite the holiday. The idea that we are somehow subservient to Toronto disgusts me. Actually, the whole job disgusts me, and I want out. It's not as bad as my job as a waiter, but I'm sick of the 3:30am alarm, and I haven't seen my sisters since Christmas!


On the other hand, this job has given me the opportunity to have more fun in a Halifax summer than ever before. When I go to PEI, I'll be like, "Wow, I miss my friends, and doing shit on the weekends."

I'm going back for my Honours Equivelency, and I'll be a Frosh Leader again - and people are talking about it! They're genuinely happy to have me back! (It was never like that before, because I had no social skills until last year's Frosh Leader Camp, and even then I was a self-depreciating loser.)

Of course, I'll always have my detractors...

Please note: This girl often comes to me out of the blue, to say things such as how my website sucks (well, okay, sure, it does) or how I need to get more friends, etc.. and it's really annoying because she's kind of ugly and I don't need to take this shit from an unattractive person when there's nothing in it for me.

Session Start (MSN - William: Yeah, I'm going to be a Frosh Leader again! Then I have to read David Copperfield.:Kute In a Box - I was a bad Girl last night...): Thu Jul 29 11:03:40 2004
NotsoKute: i still wonder why anyone would give a shit about what your reading, when it comes to MSN names..
William: Well, it's to indicate that I'm going back for Honours English. I still wonder why anyone would give a shit about what you do in the nighttime, considering you're a total ugly bitch.
NotsoKute: how would you know, what i look like anyways? and youre no better looking sweet heart, and people care if its interesting, no one cares of youre reading a stupid book, or doing something as lame and retarded as being a frosh leader.
William: Oh, I've seen what you look like. And I'm no Adonis myself, but at least I don't bitch out at people who have done nothing to me.
William: As for lame and retarded, about half of my MSN contacts are going to be frosh leaders at the same school, and they're all saying that they're glad I'm coming back.
William: I don't write my display names with you in mind, sweetie. And sometimes I like to be silly with them. If you have a problem with that, then delete me - don't fucking bitch to me about my website or display name just because it's not up to your standards. I really don't give a fuck.
NotsoKute: if pointing out the obvious is bitching, then stay single or become gay, cause you have some serious issues. and half your MSN contacts are probably as lame and boring as you. it sounds to me, like your just pissed off cause your twinkie dick doesnt have enough muscle to stand up on its own, you so probably havent been laid in a while.. but dont worry, ill send you a cucumber
William: Be that as it may, I'm just pissed that you're tearing into me about something that DOESN'T MATTER.
William: If you want to say, "Will, there's a gigantic hole in your jeans - that's stupid, and you should do something about that," then be my guest.
NotsoKute: it must matter cause it seems to be effecting you more then me, since you feel the need to type in big letters and continually talk, like everything you say is important.
NotsoKute: its not my fault that your life is so boring that you have to make a website just to bore the shit out of everyone else. who actually has a life
William: Well, I find the website kind of boring too, which is why I haven't worked on it in a while. What a sin, huh?

NotsoKute: right, and unless what im saying actually bothered you, you wouldnt need it. its lame, the fact that what i say actually effcts how you feel inside. you should go outside more, and socialize with people, learn more about life. cause you obviously have been to sheltered
William: You might be right, but I've been having a pretty good social life lately. I go out two or three nights most weekends, to big parties and to small gatherings of friends. I'm doing okay, I think. I think you just need to feel important by finding out or deciding that others are inferior to you in some particular way, and then criticizing them about it.
William: (And I have better things to do with my time than respond to such empty criticism, but I find this a challenge at the same time.)
NotsoKute: wow, 2-3 nights a week... jesus, dont over do yourself, you might actually get some sunlight. and thats not a life if all you do is the some thing over and over again. and its you who seems to think you are better then everyone, since you have to make a website about your life like its important and tell everyone about what your doing, dispite that it makes you look like a loser.
William: Well, I was once a larger-than-life sort of person (infamous, anyway) - I'm not now, and I should change my website to reflect that. But that's a total chore, and I don't feel like doing that right now. So, meh.
NotsoKute: cause your lazy. lazy people go no where in life.
William: I'm not lazy, I just avoid unnecessary chores, and maintaing the website is about the most unnecessary thing on my lists of things to do.
NotsoKute: but being a loser and reading a stupid book are? you make no sense. you just cant face the fact that you have nothing
*** innocent_kutie@hotmail.com (Kute In a Box - I was a bad Girl last night...) has joined the conversation.
William: Well, if I want to pass my second semester Honours Seminar, I have to read the book. I'd call that a priority!

Let's rephrase that. I have nothing you value. There's a difference. Like, I have lots of good friends now, which you obviously don't value, because you're a bitch who's really good at driving people away. You could really go far if you would just be kind to people.

Session Close (Kute In a Box - I was a bad Girl last night...): Thu Jul 29 11:39:38 2004


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