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There's going to be a Thunderbirds movie?!?! (shrieks loudly like a little girl)

(Well, of course, there is such a movie right now, and it's been seen in the UK. As with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, it hit the cinemas there first - as it should be, I think.)

Thunderbirds was hands-down my favorite TV show growing up. I think I got into it watching it on ITV while I was staying in Ogmorevale, Wales, with my Uncle Bill's family for six weeks while he was a minister at the United Reform church there. My cousin Andrew was a fan of the show at the time, and we each had our respective parents get us the little die-cast models with which we would act out all manner of elaborate rescue scenarios. I think Andrew also had a Tracy Island playset. Anyway, it was good times. There was basically Thunderbirds, old castles, cites such as Swansea and Cardiff, the Brecon Beacons, as well as Super Mario World and Pilotwings on Andrew's USA-model SNES. (This could be a treat sometimes given that there were only a few power converters to go around, and that the Canadian NTSC television in the playroom wasn't exactly a priority compared to, say, Uncle Bill's electronic musical instruments.)

Of course, my father and I were living in rural PEI at the time I was really into the show (after getting back from Wales), so my Aunt Shirley in the vibrant, cable-enabled town of Souris would tape the reruns off the Canadian cable channel YTV and I'd watch them back at the farm on the VCR. (Imagine my enragement when YTV chose to air the 1993 Progressive Conservative Party Nomination Convention that made Kim Campbell Prime Minister and marked the beginning of the end of the party (I was rooting for Charest, now the LIBERAL preimer of Québec.) - instead of my beloved Thunderbirds. I mean, I was into politics, but I had already watched the convention on CBC, and even if I hadn't - grrr! I had been waiting weeks for that tape!)

YTV was airing Thunderbirds a while back, as well as extremely funny shows like Are You Being Served? and Keeping Up Appearances ("It's that Bucket lady!!"). I tried to keep up with it for a while, but Samurai Jack it isn't (YTV imports this show, too). I soon realized why I was roundly ridiculed for citing it as my favorite show well into seventh grade. Still, the show will always hold a special place in my heart.

So, anyway, what's this movie going to be like? I mean, a lot of people liked the Avengers series, but the movie was a total bomb. I know, because I saw it. It was kind of bad like Rowan Atkinson's Johnny English, but without all the funny parts of the latter. In any case, I'm going to go to Thunderbirds expecting the worst. Still, it'll be cool to see what the twenty-first century has to say about a sci-fi pseudo-futuristic show made in the sixties. Here's hoping.

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