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"ARGH, MEN!" they say, and I think I understand now

It's been a while since I've been agressively propositioned by a member of any the same sex. Given the trend towards open bisexuality in this day and age, I owe it to the progession of society not to dismiss such propositions out of hand. Unfortunately, this guy has nothing I'd want in a partner. He's very agressive and not very nice. Plus he probably doesn't have nice breasts. To wit:

Session Start (Yahoo! - blue_william_east:creepynyguy): Tue Jul 20 17:56:21 2004
creepynyguy: Hey there! [Offline Message (Tue Jul 20 15:07:42 2004)]
blue_william_east: hey
*** "creepynyguy" signed on at Tue Jul 20 17:58:03 2004.
blue_william_east: Who's this?
*** creepynyguy has added you to their contact list. You may choose to accept or deny this action.. You may also add this user to your contact list or ignore this user.
creepynyguy: Well, while surfing on net, I saw your profile. Do you visit nyc/nyu often? You look very familiar. I am wondering if we have met before.. I am a grad student at NYU.
*** You have been successfully added to creepynyguy's contact list.
blue_william_east: Well... no, I don't, unfortunately. I'd like to visit NYC to see relatives... rich relatives, actually, and there's an open invitation, but I haven't had the occasion to go down. I will someday. But as for me I'm a 22 year old guy in Halifax, and it's unlikely we've met.
creepynyguy: Well, thats quite strange. I relooked at your profile pic.. it looks VERY familair. I can email you my pics - that might help you recall?
blue_william_east: Sure.
creepynyguy: whatz your email add?
blue_william_east: I had a thought that I could actually be talking to a relative such as Arthur or Jimmy, but your profile icon was too risqué to be them... =)

creepynyguy: ?
*** "creepynyguy" signed off at Tue Jul 20 18:09:59 2004.
blue_william_east: Did I say something wrong?
Session Close (creepynyguy): Tue Jul 20 18:10:15 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - blue_william_east:creepynyguy): Wed Jul 21 11:42:27 2004
creepynyguy: not at all! [Offline Message (Wed Jul 21 11:05:42 2004)]
creepynyguy: did u get my pics? [Offline Message (Wed Jul 21 11:05:45 2004)]
blue_william_east: No.
blue_william_east: Where did you send them?
Session Close (creepynyguy): Wed Jul 21 11:55:45 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - blue_william_east:creepynyguy): Thu Jul 22 01:20:42 2004
creepynyguy: I thought to you ur email add.. [Offline Message (Wed Jul 21 11:57:26 2004)]
creepynyguy: well, I can resend, [Offline Message (Wed Jul 21 11:57:29 2004)]
blue_william_east: me@willmatheson.com
Session Close (creepynyguy): Thu Jul 22 01:21:24 2004


Here I am - rather I was about an year ago! These pics were taken last
summer in my cousin's marriage.

So, have we met before? any recollection? You do look VERY familiar!

In any case, i fyou are wondering - I am an persian/indian origin.

take care and reply!


AIM: abbrofuni grad stud?ohplease

YIM: creepynyguy

Session Start (Yahoo! - blue_william_east:creepynyguy): Thu Jul 22 15:03:56 2004
creepynyguy: sent [Offline Message (Thu Jul 22 12:48:41 2004)]
*** "creepynyguy" signed on at Thu Jul 22 15:14:53 2004.
blue_william_east: Well, thanks for the pictures. I'm afraid I don't recognize you, though. Actually, I had to look in my spam filter to find your e-mail! =) Otherwise I could have picked it out sooner - well, not really, I wasn't online 2 hours ago when it was sent. But still.
creepynyguy: sucks
creepynyguy: why did it get into spam?
creepynyguy: ???????
creepynyguy: :(((
creepynyguy: awaiting yours, anyway
blue_william_east: I dunno. Probably because of the pics and all caps ("VERY")... it just kinda was like that =)
creepynyguy: THATS STUPID!
blue_william_east: Well, no offense, but I've got all my pictures online already! =)

creepynyguy: np
Session Close (creepynyguy): Thu Jul 22 16:02:16 2004

Session Start (Yahoo! - blue_william_east:creepynyguy): Thu Jul 22 19:07:55 2004
creepynyguy: Hey Sexy!!!! [Offline Message (Thu Jul 22 18:27:15 2004)]
blue_william_east: Oh, hello!
creepynyguy: still awatiing your email reply
creepynyguy: and pics in return
blue_william_east: Well, what ought I to say in an e-mail? And for pictures, I think I pointed you to the appropriate webpage. I'm glad you contacted me but seeing that I don't actually know you, why is an e-mail reply necessary right away?
creepynyguy: u got too many questions
creepynyguy: and not even one answer.
blue_william_east: Okay, well, I'll look at that message again...
creepynyguy: dont worry about it
creepynyguy: i am taking you off my buddy list
blue_william_east: Okay, you asked me... one question. =) And I answered it. Just because I don't know you doesn't mean we can't chat and stuff; I was just saying that I don't know you after all. That's all.
creepynyguy: Good day
Session Close (creepynyguy): Thu Jul 22 19:27:24 2004

Now I think I have some indication of what women feel like when they're hounded by guys they don't want. I still think the state of modern gender relations is fucked up, and that there are losers out there ruining it for the rest of us. However, it's nice to be able to see the other side of the story for once. From early on I kept wanting to tell him that he had the wrong idea about me, but I was afraid he'd get mad.

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