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I was up in the Passport Office after work today - up to the 15th floor of the Maritime Centre. They have a great view from up there, so naturally, I took pictures, then promptly got in trouble with the security guard.

My camera gets me into trouble a lot. I can't count the times I've been told to put it away, either by friends or people acting in an official capacity. Oh, well.

In an unrelated incident, the cops have my 512MB memory card. (Said "South End, shrouded in fog, from the Maritime Centre" pictures were taken on the 16MB that came with the camera.) Remember that poor fellow we found? He died last night. I didn't take any pictures of him (I knew THAT would get me in trouble, also it would be tasteless), but I suppose the time associated with the files will help support my story, of when we first came in to play pool, and when we went to the Karaoke part of the bar.

That's about all I'm at liberty to say about that.

I picked up The Spine today. For some reason, I'm not terribly enthused about it. It's still in the plastic wrap.

Canada World Youth tells me that I have been selected to be a Priority Backup participant for the NetCorps program. This means I get to do all the hard fundraising work (How am I going to raise $1,000?!?!), but don't get 100% assurance that I'll actually go anywhere this year. The upside is that I am guaranteed a placement for next year, provided I meet those requirements and aren't sick.

Still, it's a bit of a kick in the teeth. I am getting quite tired of this place, and want to escape, even if only for six months. (I suppose the socially and/or racially unique need the opprortunity more than I.) I guess getting out of here is enough motivation for me to fundraise, huh?

Life's too short to be disappointed, though. I mean, I have a new They Might Be Giants! I think I'll call CWY back (they were trying to contact me earlier, but this particular employee had my address misspelled), tell them "Yes," and then go kick back with that new CD. I don't know how I'll be able to raise $1,000*... maybe I should just SAVE $1,000, that seems much more feasible. Well, now I'll have time to do that, if I must. I mean, a few months ago, I didn't even have a job. I think I'm less screwed now than I was then, but we'll just have to see.

* - Well, I know how I'm going to raise some money, but I doubt I'll get anything close to the full grand out of it. I want to write for people - letters or short stories or other such things. Plus I need to make websites for some relatives, and they'll probably give me money as well. UGH but I hate making websites on this P166!!! I'll "ask" Mom if I can use her computer. She'll probably let me make her website there, but I dunno about Dad's... =)

Now I have to tell people that I'm a "Priority Backup." Oh, the glamour!

Augh, I have to make a fundraising website, too, don't I? Ah, crap! Why can't web programs be as fast as text editors? Fuck, I don't even use the latest Semagic client, because it's too slow on this machine for my tastes. And they think I'm not disadvantaged... =) I'M JUST GOING TO WASH CARS ALL SUMMER

EDIT: The Chronicle-Hearld, and The Daily News both have stories on the beating death.

Also, I got a postcard from Katie!

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