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joegod tells me that last night the cops told him that said fellow was at the QEII and going to be okay. Joe wonders why anyone had such an extreme problem with him, as he seemed to be a relatively good-natured guy in the bar. I said, that being the case, it could easily have been one of us konked out on the concrete, blood trailing towards the Bedford Basin. He had probably left the bar only minutes before we.

stigmatic_goth has gone sailing for the day with Joe's dad, Bob. That sounds like a supremely excellent and natural distraction. Sailing rocks.

Nobody's heard from Stu yet, and he was the one being questioned afterwards. However, if he was half as headache-y as I was, I don't blame him for not seeking connections to the outside world. I'm quite okay now, but I think he drank more.

I'll talk more about that evening later. Of course, I always say that, but this time I probably mean it.
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