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party party party where's the party party party at I want to party party party it's the weekend weekend weekend so party party party

News: Things are going well. Word from Montague is that my birth certificate was issued on the 14th, and now it's in the mail. Sweet.

I saw magic_missile on the street this morning. Later I actually phoned darkstarmasonry, which was funny. "Will! I haven't heard from you in years!" If you don't count LJ... yeah, pilosophically it shouldn't count. =)

I'm trying to get something going for tonight ... right now I'm taking Paul out for groceries, but I will have my cell: (902)-877-WILL (877-9455 for the alphabetically challenged. Ryan / Catherine / Devin / Daniel: "I didn't have your number with me!" ARGH) Please call me if you know of a party or just want to hang out and drink. joegod is on my primary target list, because he lives nearby. Colin and them are more of a haul, but who knows?

I know it's only Friday night, and most people party on Saturdays. But... well, I'll call it a halt there. Paul's waiting for me.

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