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NFL Week 17 Guide

Time (ET) Canadian-accessible Carrier Away (Record) Home (Record) At Stake
1 pm none Jaguars 5-10 Texans 8-7 Texans win guarantees AFC South title but they are virtually certain to get it anyway
1 pm (available on CBS Cleveland) Steelers 9-6 Browns 3-12 Steelers can get wild card spot with win and Jets concurrent loss
1 pm RDS, CTV Ontario, Winnipeg, Alberta, BC, CKPR, CHEX, CKWS, CITL (also CBS Buffalo, Detroit, and all along the border in Western Canada) Jets 10-5 Bills 7-8 Jets win guarantees wild card spot; Bills QB Tyrod Taylor gets $1M bonus with a few snaps; Bills coach Rex Ryan formerly coach of Jets, would be motivated to knock Jets out of playoffs
1 pm CTV Montreal, Atlantic (also CBS Boston) Patriots 12-3 Dolphins 5-10 Patriots win guarantees AFC #1 seed; Patriots QB Tom Brady needs 364 passing yards to reach 5,000 this year
1 pm none Titans 3-12 Colts 7-8 Titans loss ensures #1 pick; Colts can theoretically get AFC South with a win and a whole bunch of upsets the same day
1 pm TSN 2, CTV Saskatchewan (also Fox Boston, Cleveland) Ravens 5-10 Bengals 11-4 Bengals can get first-round bye if they win and Broncos lose in the late game
1 pm (available on Fox Seattle, Spokane, etc..) Redskins 8-7 Cowboys 4-11 Not much; whether or not Redskins go to playoffs with winning record
1 pm none Saints 6-9 Falcons 8-7 Nothing. Two non-playoff teams.
1 pm (available on Fox Detroit, Duluth, etc..) Lions 6-9 Bears 6-9 Nothing. Two non-playoff teams.
1 pm (available on Fox Buffalo, Rochester, etc..) Eagles 6-9 Giants 6-9 Nothing. Two non-playoff teams. (Pat Shurmur interim head coach for Eagles. Also, the loser of this game will play the Rams in London next season, by dint of being 3rd place in the NFC East.)
5:25 pm none Rams 7-8 49ers 4-11 Nothing. Two non-playoff teams.
5:25 pm none Buccaneers 6-9 Panthers 14-1 Panthers win guarantees NFC #1 seed
5:25 pm TSN 2 (also Fox Cleveland) Raiders 7-8 Chiefs 10-5 Chiefs can win AFC West title with win and Broncos concurrent loss
5:25 pm CTV Ontario, Montreal, Atlantic, CKPR, CHEX, CKWS (also all transborder CBS stations) Chargers 4-11 Broncos 11-4 Broncos win guarantees AFC West division title and first-round bye, even AFC #1 seed if Patriots lose early game; Will Peyton Manning play?
5:25 pm RDS, CTV BC, Alberta, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, CITL (also Fox Boston, Buffalo, Detroit, and along the border in Western Canada) Seahawks 9-6 Cardinals 13-2 Cardinals can steal NFC #1 seed with win and Panthers loss; Seahawks can get higher wild card seed with win and Vikings loss in night game
9:30 pm TSN 1,4,5, RDS (also all NBC stations) Vikings 10-5 Packers 10-5 NFC North division title (home playoff game), loser in playoffs as a wild card; Vikings RB Adrian Peterson likely to win rushing title, currently leads by 310 yards

Clinched playoff, hoping to improve seeding

Clinched playoff, nothing to play for

In hunt for playoffs

Out of playoffs

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