William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

The Golden Age of Liberty: We have gay marriage!

I think it's fantastic that equality and human rights are defined by gay marriage.

Truly, we live in a new Golden Age of Liberty.

We must. Gay marriage is the pinnacle of human rights. When they have gay marriage in Iran, everything will be alright.

Here in North America, now that well-to-do people held in considerable social esteem who are in age numerically qualified to have the fullest rights that we allow can achieve a protected status with one other well-to-do person of comparable social esteem at a time who is in age numerically qualified to have the fullest rights that we allow, from the same generation, and no more closely related than 999th cousin, regardless of the sameness or opposition of the genitals or chromosomes or gender identities between said people, there is literally nothing left to do!

Yes, yes, there are extremists saying we should question our notions of what is acceptable, but they are a bunch of Queer Marxist Bolshevik Socialist Communist Leftist Liberal Hippies - pay no attention to them.

But gay marriage! Yay!
Tags: freedom, gay marriage, liberty, satire

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