William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

To my Master (Lock)

From a July 10th writing workshop class:

O Master... Lock
You are so shiny, wearing your thick sandwiched plates
You could stop a bullet
I saw it on YouTube

Your keyhole is like two letter Ls - an upside down one and a backwards on perched on the end of it.
I'd love to open you up and see how you work
But you're patented
And I lost your key

You are Master Lock number 22.
22nd in a proud line of Master Locks.
Who is the most Masterful Master?
Master Lock number 1? Or Master Lock number 315?
Where were you patented? Do all the other locks from the other manufacturers acknowledge your supremacy?

Secure all my belongings, O Master Lock.
Keep those other junior high kids from stealing my books and leaving them in the toilet.
Keep them from playing keep away with my things at recess.
Keep them from discovering my use of the women's underwear section of the Zellers flyer as my locker liner.

You give no clue as to where you were made.
Were you Made in the USA, land of the free?
Were you Made in a Chinese factory just for me?
Have you travelled farther than I'll ever go?
Have you locked the poetry in a 14-year-old girl's journal?
You are as inscrutable as she was.
Tags: writing exercises

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