William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

Where I'm from

From a July 10th writing workshop class:

I am from not-quite-the-sea. An Island surrounded by water*, but I grew up on a farm. I never liked fishing. I don't like seafood.

Similarly, I majored in English but I studiously avoided poetry, as one professor put it.

But I smelled the sea on the boat and it meant I was going somewhere. I find the smell of the sea exciting. Now if only I could travel on it.

It's our right to leave Canada. But no other country is obliged to take you. But the Sea has no countries. The Sea is always open.

Smell of travel
Sight of distance
Feeling of adventure
Taste of possibilities
Sound of emptiness
No countries
Always open
Farmboy on a boat

* - Waitaminit, aren't all islands... yeah. Silly Will.
Tags: writing exercises

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