William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

New blog!

Hey guys, I've started a new blog! My first entry is here.

For those who would like to follow it here on LiveJournal, I've made an syndicated account for it:


It's unlikely that I'll see any comments posted on the LJ side, though, unless this blog gets to be really really big or something. Best to comment on the blog itself if you want me to see it.

I also made an LJ filter just for actual LJ people because my feed is way too full up with syndicated feeds:


I'll still post on LJ from time to time, especially informal things that don't merit a fancy-pants blog post but also don't fit into a Tweet or Facebook post, and even more so for informal personal stories as the LJ culture kind of supports that. The blog is an attempt to go "pro" (except for the money and merchandise and audience parts!).

WordPress isn't perfect, but everybody and their dog is using it and even though I've made my own content management system with PHP, I didn't want to reinvent the wheel. Or touch PHP ever again, really, when it all comes down to it. :-)
Tags: blogging, blogs, willmatheson.com

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