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Woah. Exhausted.

I've had a wild weekend, to say the least. Well, wild by my standards; nothing untoward or overtly illegal happened to or because of my person. Evidence of said weekend can be found in the two preceding phone posts. I was worried that the second one was lost - it was a little slow in making it on here. (First of the phone posts.)

It's actually cheaper for me to make "phone posts" from my phone (if you don't count the $10 CiCi card that lasts bloody forever - I've still got nearly nine dollars on it) than it is to go to a WAP site (I use Wapblogger at wap.ubique.ch - visit the link in your mobile device and post to an LJ or Blogger server through it) and struggle with the keypad. As you might have seen, I do a pretty fair job, but I haven't figured out how to make screened or even just Friends-only posts, nor have I mastered the art of paragraphing. I can't screen the phone posts, either, but those are social and not meant to be very serious.

As for the weekend, most of it was consumed by outings of one sort or another. I only got a few hours of sleep, and today I had my longest day yet at Symcor - a full eight hours, after less ninety minutes of sleep. (Speaking of Symcor and cheques and stuff, "thirty" (30) is not spelled "thertey." It becomes a problem when people write something like "therteydollars&twoentyonesents" in the cheque body, forget to fill in the figure, and still expect me to be able to make out their intended ammount in a low-resolution computer image in less than a second.) I got through it okay, and I'm proud of myself. I was also the only one on my shift to do the full eight hours, which made me feel privileged. Or just too stupid to invent specific plans I had for the early afternoon.

Speaking of plans, I was able to schedule an appointment with my GP today on my second break. (To be clear, te phone call took place then.) When's the appointment? Tomorrow afternoon! Isn't that just awesome? The issue right now is that I have this awful blockage in my right ear. It's all I can do not to drive my friends crazy by constantly flexing my jaw to keep it opened up. It's probably something simple; my guess is that I got an unusual ammount of water in my ear a while back, and ... stuff has collected around it. Yeah, ick. I hope I don't have to go see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist, as that WOULD take weeks. Anyway, this ear thing has been around for months and months, but it's been getting worse lately, and it's something I don't want to have to deal with while I'm trying to configure a LAN of 486's in some unnamed Siberian village. ("Eeyum, wotz a duh el el? Please be to wake oup!")

As far as Netcorps goes, they told me to get my passport. And I've passed the medical as well. It is concievable that I might be going on another session, but I am definitely short-listed. I hope I go this fall, though - I desperately need the life experience. As Corey has told me, I'm going to be a changed person when I get back. I don't mean to say that I need or even desire a personality overhaul, but I have always been somewhat lacking in wisdom, and hopefully this will help.

Corey also has this idea of going to New York for a few days whenever life gets one down, speaking as one who's "stolen" his father's car and gone down with his friends. (Years ago, and it's all but public domain knowledge.) He had some great stories. I may have to do the same myself someday; my grandmother is willing to give me money to travel, and if I happen to come back in the middle of a semester, maybe I should prioritize that.

Speaking of priorities, I need to make some new icons, return some e-mails, and just generally muck about with a bunch of internet chores I'd rather not do. I'd just go to sleep right now, but then I'd wake up at like 10pm, and I'd be screwed again. (For the newcomers: I work Monday to Friday mornings at 5:30am.) Now I'm going to mention opera_angel so that she'll at least notice this post which she isn't going to read ("They're so detailed!!!"), and then I'll call it an update! =)

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