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3. Sum Words Sound The Same, C.P. Allen

Theirs a hole lot of nothing going on around hear. My grandfather is complaining about his lack of energy. Eye told him that its hard too bee up all the thyme when nothing is happening. At least that's how eye feel.

Today it was drizzling off and on. Eye helped Andy's sister move a bed. She lives in a nice little cabin where the upper level just covers half of the area and theirs know wall on it, if ewe no what eye mean. Eye like those kinds of places.

If ewe sea any homonyms eye forgot, let me no. Eye am kind of picking a different set of rules every day too rebel against. Knowing witch word too use when your writing isn't really grammar or spelling, but people we'll blame they're poor skills in those things when errors crop up. What do ewe call knowing the rite word? Eye once saw a woman with an online dating profile that said “throughout the house”. Of course, eye meant too rite “throughout”, but eye couldn't do that and still follow my new rules, so eye had too rite “threw out”.

Eye talked with Andy about what eye was going too do. He said maybe eye should take up woodworking. It may well come too pass that my diploma in programming will bee completely useless. Will sea. Eye do no that their isn't a supergenius inside me trying too get out. I'm ruff around the edges, but where's the diamond? I'm smart... enough. Thank goodness the programme wasn't three years or I'd have too go back yet again. A first-year student at the dean-student forum suggested that the programme bee longer and eye think we shoved him out of the room bye the end of a pointed stick.

C.P. Allen

Ten months a year
Nine and more big orange limousines
Eight semesters for me
Seven plus one my lowest mark
Six English classes for me
Five math classes for me
Four days in the reality cycle
Three storeys of concrete blocks
Two semesters a year
One life to waste
Nobody cares, Will
Tags: creative writing, sherbrooke 2013

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