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2. CR38TIF - Sleep Away, Rhyme Sucks

Sleep Away

I'd like to sleep away the day
Imagine all my troubles are at bay
Nobody will be able to say
That worthless good-for-nothing

I'd like to lie back and think
Thoughts of love to take me to the brink
Without these we'd go extinct
Us worthless good-for-nothings

I'll just sleep away the day
Nobody's calling at my door
Nobody's noting the mess on the floor
The rent police aren't here yet
Those worthless good-for-nothings

Tomorrow I have to work
Work to live and work to work
We live in a worker's paradise
Work will set you free
But the rent sure ain't


Rhyme sucks why do we adhere to all these conventions there are so many i cant write how much punctuation do we really need anyway i think theres something to be said for a minimalist approach but maybe i should use fewer big words people think im trying to bully them with my big brain why cant i have a big dick instead people would understand that.

Youre not making any sense the teacher said when i was trying to be funny its important to make sense even when youre trying to be funny im really not funny at all im the most boring person you can imagine and it makes me sad when i see a profile on a dating website that says you can be bored just not boring so no wonder i contort myself into all these ridiculous happy dances but wait i was successful at being funny when i was a kid i made the church crack up but then it suddenly stopped being funny and i wasnt allowed to say what i wanted to say and everything got worse.

I guess other people are important its a little silly that when i was young that i thought maybe i was the only person that existed and im sure i would have failed the wheres the doll test because i care about what is not what people think things are but what people think things are is important too because you have to deal with people all the time it just never stops i really like people people write on resumes and say in interviews and for the most part its horseshit who really gives a shit about strangers anyway you just want to kill them or fuck them.

Im trying to be more friendly and shit and open up to other people but its hard when youre really a misanthropist all the way down and everybody knows it and youre just trying to paint a dandelion out of a pile of puke. Everybody thinks im fake and nobody gives me credit for trying to be what is palatable to society. I kind of like that people want what is real because it okay well they tend to want what is real though sometimes a lot of bullshit gets in the way but i really do think that most people mostly want what is real if theyre prepared for it and its not too humid and somebody put on whipped cream and a cherry on top and presented the truth in a way that the person can understand and process given all that i think people really do want what is real. So I guess the biggest challenge in my life is to express what is real in a way that people around me can understand.
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