William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

What I Did During My Third Semester

Part of a series: Fall 2011 - Winter 2012 - Fall 2012 - Winter 2013

Class Description Grade
APPD 2000 Mobile Application Development 98
INET 2005 Web Application Development I 100
INFT 2000 Professional Development 98
INFT 2100 Project Management 98
PROG 2100 Programming C++ 98
WEBD 3102 Java, Enterprise Edition 96

(The “portfolio page” links go to the course’s page in my e-portfolio.)

APPD 2000 :: Mobile Application Development :: 1 credit (portfolio page)

Despite the platform-agnostic nature of the title, this was strictly developing for Android. We don't (yet?) have a Mac lab at school (even though the faculty ask for one every year), and you pretty much have to have a Mac to develop for iOS.

Oh, this was such a pain to get going. Getting the environment set up correctly was a nightmare; actually getting apps to do anything another one. We could have and probably should have done an entire unit on layouts, either in this course or back in APPD1000.

It also sometimes felt that, in order to achieve particular learning outcomes, we were trying to shoehorn a bunch of things into the apps that nobody in the real world would want to do.

The best thing I can say about this course is that we're now prepared to go out and learn how to develop real mobile apps. Perhaps I can be the assistant to the assistant to the junior mobile developer at your company? :-p

Grade: 98

INET 2005 :: Web Application Development I :: 1.5 credits (portfolio page)

This course was the bane of our existence. It was an absurd amount of work, even for its being a 90-hour course. But it was worth it. I mean, after this course I might even stand a shot at becoming an interning junior PHP developer - no joke! But I might rather go into programming. <rimshot>

Grade: 100

INFT 2000 :: Professional Development :: 0.5 credits (portfolio page)

From calculating my average (taking into account credit values, so I plunk down a 0.5 credit course once, a 1 credit course twice, and a 1.5 credit course three times), I know that this entire course represents a mere 1/35 of the work of three semesters. Moving on...

Grade: 98

INFT 2100 :: Project Management :: 1 credit (portfolio page)

Project management is emerging as a distinct discipline for people who don't know how to code with leadership skills.

I was more of a tyrant than a consensus-builder.

Grade: 98

PROG 2100 :: Programming C++ :: 1 credit (portfolio page)

A friend in one of the other classes remarked that it was kind of weird that we were learning programming through languages - that it should instead be focused on concepts. On the other hand, C++ is so pervasive and influential that it's critical to have a working knowledge of it.

Like anything worthwhile, though, it takes a long time to master, and this was but the first few steps of the journey.

Grade: 98

WEBD 3102 :: Java, Enterprise Edition :: 1 credit (portfolio page)

This would seem to be the most advanced course we took, but in reality it was relatively basic. We had a lot of environment issues, and we found it really hard to get into making JavaServer Faces projects. I made a web store in JSF, but it's not nearly as robust and well-designed as anything I did for credit in PHP.

Grade: 96
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