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8. Lake View

Written Thursday night.

This morning we went to West Side Indian Harbour Lake and helped unload a cargo container. An older European couple (he French (and also German-speaking), she German) had recently purchased an awesome place on the lake, along the fun twisty dirt road on that side of it, and a bunch of their stuff had been shipped in the container. The house itself was kind of kooky - the shapes meant the space wasn't being used completely efficiently (as my friend put it), but I loved it. Anyway, I'm sure their grandkids will love coming to Nova Scotia during / for their summers.

I reported the other day that someone was drilling a well, but the drilling is really for geothermal heat - the location in question is the location for a brand new municipal office. It is proceeding to tender.

The current building is in the centre of Sherbrooke - right where everything is, but it is small. The municipality could have purchased the post office building across the street (for $1, as it often goes when assuming big new liabilities) and expanded into it, though. Anyway, they probably could use more than what they have, but do they need all this? And the location of the new office will be a quiet residential area, though the school is nearby. There was an open house on the issue but I didn't get down to it. I'm not a resident here, but I was interested.

Written Monday afternoon.

I will be doing the medical courier thing again but I took a trip to Antigonish today too, for a scholarship-related interview.

I love going to Antigonish - even as I was parked in the shade behind the CIBC, a gorgeous woman walked by. Twice. I should have said "Hey, how's it going?" the second time. I mean, I had the window open. And I'm pretty sure she would have been receptive. I was sitting in my car because I was early for the interview. Well, I'll know for next time. There's hardly any getting anything out of this world if you can't overcome your social anxieties.

The interview went well, and I'd better compose the scholarship submission tonight before I forget what my notes mean. Anyway, after that I went to Vogue to get my glasses adjusted. They'll do it free of charge, but if your pair is non-Vogue, you're assuming the risk if something breaks. I'd love to get a new pair of glasses, but I went from a good vision plan (expired when I turned 26) to a crappy vision plan (Saint Mary's) to non-existent (NSCC), so it's not in the cards at the moment. At least my glasses don't sit crookedly on my face like they were doing.

Then I went to a cafe, and I won't say what it's named but it certainly made me realize the importance of decorating and atmosphere. This place felt really cold and empty. It was like an emaciated Tim Hortons. (There probably used to be one in the very spot.) They'd better do something about it or soon the place will be literally empty.

And then I went to the library to check my e-mail, which they let me do, even though I wasn't a patron of their system - they had stand-up computer workstations that you didn't have to sign into. That was nice.

And then I got a whole bunch of groceries, stopped at a present Tim Hortons, then came home.

I wonder where I'll be by this time next year? Working at a good job that I find interesting, but probably poorly paid? I'd take it. What if I had no program-related job at all? I'll cope. Since I won't be grinding away to save only to blow it all on more school, there'll be a lot of flexibility. I won't have to be a slave to the system anymore.

But first, I have to get through next year. It might be too much for me. I haven't done anything study-related over the summer, but neither did I really feel like I had to. I have a deep fear that just around the corner there'll be some insurmountable obstacle. I think I'll have to be working and thriving before I'll really get over it.

Half of me wishes school would start tomorrow and the other wishes summer would never end.
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