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2. Catio Lanterns

I went up to the neighbours' on Saturday and got a tour of their catio. There's wildlife in these here hills - foxes and eagles have been seen in/from the yard (one of the latter very nearly had a successful go at the cat), and there are tales of bears and cougars. Said the builder of the catio, "You're not in Bedford anymore."

But this place is cool in how it encourages such whimsical solutions. I then checked my e-mail over a glass of whisky.

Appropos of nothing, the cat is in some significant hard-to-put-it way "smarter" than IBM's Watson - somehow, I feel like Watson will always be able to make a kind of "Where is Toronto?" mistake. Should we be concerned? Humans make all kinds of other mistakes all the time. Self-driving cars will have tragic failures attributible to oversight, but the overall failure rate will be much less than that of people. Also, Watson was pretty good at knowing what to wager.

I must mention that my cousin's boyfriend makes excellent green onion hot dogs and a mean Kraft Dinner (with added touches). And among other things, we were talking a lot about talking - he noted how we continually try to impress the ladies. I remembered how I'd been doing that since I noticed a say-something-funny-get-a-smile pattern with the girl I adored in elementary school. (The problem is that I got worse at it with age. j/k) Anyway, I am sure there is a trendy-sounding explanation of how whatever women observe, they change.

I think I've really gotta work on what I say not being judgemental. My opinions come out with a smack in them that is unnecessary and pissing a lot of thin-skinned people off. (The "thick-skinned" might just have the courtesy not to show it.) I mean, we make judgements all the time and yet there are certain one's we've kind of all "agreed" not to pass on each other openly. I'm not really sure how I feel about this. Do all people like getting courtesy lies, or just the more insecure ones?

Walking from the house to the centre of, um, "town", takes less than 20 minutes. I really like that. 25-30 is just a little too much. Sub-20 gets me to my destination at about the time I've had my momentary fill of walking.

We watched the movie Pirate Radio Saturday night. My, people sure do have innovative ways of getting laid. I wonder what the movie would have been like as a mockumentary. As it is, it's like someone took Almost Famous and made it a comedy. The results aren't quite perfect, but at least the soundtrack is fantastic.
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