William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

4. Morning in San Diego

Free internet in the room*! So now I’ve wasted about two and a half hours of my first morning in San Diego! :-) Most of the time I’m just playing Whack-A-Mole with notifications, though I am writing a fair number of new messages.

I don’t have an ocean view from my hotel room, but the condo where my cousin (Art) and his soon-to-be wife (Monique) are staying for a few days sure does – holy crap! Panoramic windows, waves crashing on the rocks below, a lovely night, lights along the coast, the limitless expanse of the dark Pacific – wow! I’d forgotten that I’d ever seen the Pacific before. I have – just from the other side. :-)

Art and Monique treated me to my first In-N-Out last night. I had a Double-Double. The burger is distinctive and worth being crowed about. The fries are distinctive too, but for my tastes they are a little too intense. I had a strawberry milkshake too, and that was pretty good. If I went again I’d just get the burger and a shake, though I’m intrigued about the “animal fries” on the secret menu. Speaking of the menu, that’s what I was struck by most – it was so small! But it’s sufficient and efficent. Good kind of small.

Jim and Derek (Art’s brother and Jim’s husband respectively) plan to be by around noon and we’ll go hang out for a bit. The rehearsal dinner will be tonight.

While we were at the condo, Art gave me some ideas for a story that I’ll see if I can put together soon. It’s delightful to talk with him because he can think of things that are completely off-the-wall absurd but yet somehow internally consistent and very funny.

Now I’ll have a shower and then I’ll go out in search of toothpaste. Hopefully in a 100mL (shoot, how many ounces is that? - OK, TSA says 3 ounces, but they consider the international standard “100mL” to be 3 even though it’s more like 3.38) container or smaller, so I can take it home with me. :-p

* - To "celebrate" wi-fi installation. :-) This is just for the month of March. Lucky me, though.
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