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2. Warking


Wi-Fi is $8 for the day, $10 for a month, or $15 for three months. Bah. Not really worth it. I might as well do something productive instead, like read my Hardware chapter.

(OK, I caved. I didn’t want to miss anything. I checked my e-mail and Art mentioned there’s a possibility of my being picked up at the airport! Super! However, I’m prepared to take a shuttle van to the hotel in La Jolla, especially since they think I’m coming in at noon when it’s going to be (ugh) 7pm. Deets below.)

I can’t believe it’s not yet half past seven where I’m going. I feel like I’ve been on the move all day already.

I was put on a 5pm ish flight to SD. But the gate agent said they were putting me on the 4pm ish flight! I found out from a gate agent that I was really on the later one, but he got me on the earlier one after all.

So it was going to be that I’d arrive in SD around noon but now it’ll be ten after seven.

As airports go, Newark looks kind of dumpy. They had an airside transfer bus to get us from Terminal A to Terminal C but it is probably a temporary implementation by the looks of things. You have to climb up and down steel stairs to get to it – stairs probably never intended for the general public. Better than not having a transfer bus at all, though.

So now it’s 10:30 and we board at 3:32. 5 hours! So this has taken about 6 hours off my vacation as I see it. Not worth crying about, though. But I left so early so I could have the maximum amount of day in San Diego. That’s really not going to happen now. But I do have all day Saturday to play with, and the wedding’s on Friday. Whine wine cheese.

I think all the cool airlines fly out of JFK. Air Canada and WestJet are stuck at Newark. So is Porter. Oh, but it looks like Air Canada has a few flights out of LaGuardia, too. I’ve never been there.

K, maybe now I'll try to read that Hardware chapter. "Installing and Supporting I/O (input, output) Devices". Sounds like a real page-turner.
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