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Back when I was in PEI for a week, about two weeks ago, I got a phone call from my doctor's administrative assistant advising me that my ultrasound had been scheduled for the day after the next. Uh-oh! I told her that I was still in PEI - in fact, I told her before she booked that I'd be in PEI until Labour Day. Not that I'm annoyed with her - I'm really cheesed by the system. I finally have another appointment, but guess what? November 7th! It's like "How dare you be out of town for a week; for that impertinence, we'll just delay your appointment for two months!" Hopefully I'll still be alive by November!

It's doubly frustrating right now because I feel like I'm getting worse instead of better. I got some kind of lining for my lower teeth to prevent me from clenching my jaw at night. I don't think I was a clencher, or at least that wasn't the root cause, because my myofascial pain on the various surfaces of my head continues. The stretches and physiotherapy may only be staving off further progression. They might even be making things worse!

I really hope I don't end up with some lame diagnosis like fibromyalgia. "Gee, we don't really know what's causing your pain, so here's a catch-all diagnosis." I might as well just slit my wrists now and end the suffering.

I wonder how I'd be feeling right now if I'd quit that tech support job as it started? I had such a horrible first night on the phone that after it was over I stood around for ten minutes debating whether to hand in my headset to a supervisor and leave. On the other hand, that company had just spent $700 paying me to sit through training. If I didn't work for them at least a little while, it would have been really unfair for the company. But I hated my first exposure so much that I figured I'd quit anyway. I stood and waited for a supervisor to not be busy. I waited, waited, and waited. Then I figured, no, you know what, I'll do this. How bad could it be?

Ha-ha! Well, lesson learned: Don't work such a stressful job - it really isn't worth it.

Edit: I must disclose that part of the influence on my decision to stay was that I didn't want to be seen to be a call centre gypsy or be one of those people who takes the training and then quits - such people are the majority of some training groups! Also, I was desperate for the money so I could go back to school and try to get a better life.

I've filed a worker's compensation claim as regards my wrists, and it may turn out that some of my other pain is compensatory. But it could just as easily be from a pre-existing neck or back problem.

I still don't have an appointment for the nerve conduction study. I need the results of that in hand before I can see a neurologist. Fortunately, my doctor found a neurologist who's accepting new patients. I'm also going to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon (after class - nice not to have to miss class) and ask about getting a referral to someone who might fit me for orthotics, most likely for my feet. I can't even take my stepfather for groceries anymore. You try spending half an hour dragging your right foot around Costco! ;-p I thought that my feet and legs were getting better but the short-term evidence is quite contrary.

Just right now I'm noticing that reclining a little in this chair feels a better than sitting upright. I'd better mention that, too. I wish I could go into zero-g and float for a little while. I believe it would ease the pain.

* * *

Today I discovered that my locker is right across the hall from a shower that isn't totally creepy-weird! So that's convenient. I'll be trying it out tomorrow since I have class at 8:30am. I'd better not forget to bring a bag for my damp towel.

Class began at 9:30 and I left for it around 8:45, and I had time to stop for coffee. The drive was easy except for coming down the Hammonds Plains Road into Bedford - traffic wanting to get on the 102 Northbound was backed up all the way to Bluewater Road! Huh! So I think I might need to modify my route to take the 102 Southbound since I can skip the queue as the lineup is in the left lane and the empty right lane actually becomes the southbound ramp. That'll probably become a Monday and Friday thing. Tuesday I start class at 8:30 and plan to beat that by just leaving super early and breakfasting and showering here. The other two days start later (10:30; 12:30) and don't usually have traffic problems.

Leaving right at 4:30 hasn't been too bad - it's just slow getting through the Fairview Overpass. It's bottlenecked in my case particularly with all the people wanting to go left onto Bayview from the Bedford Highway. It's tricky because the crawl starts out with the left lane (the one I default into) being the quickest, but then at some point as you approach Bayview it becomes the right lane. Once you get past Bayview, it's smooth sailing all the way home.
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