William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

NFL Week 1 on Atlantic Canadian TV

Yeah, I just like making lists. I like to know which games I can see and which I can't.

* - "National" games that virtually everyone in the US and Canada can access.
** - Digital cable, DBS or comparable digital service required.

All times ADT.

Thursday Sep 08:
* - New Orleans (34) at Green Bay (42), NBC (also carried on TSN)
(Great way to start the season!)

Sunday Sep 11:
Philadelphia at St. Louis, FOX (simsub'd to CTV Atlantic)
Pittsburgh at Baltimore, CBS (playoff rematch!)

New York Giants at Washington, FOX (also carried on RSN East, RSN Pacific**)
Seattle at San Francisco (another region's FOX game, carried on RSN Ontario** and RSN West**)

* - Dallas at New York Jets, NBC (also carried on TSN)

Monday Sep 12:
* - New England at Miami (an ESPN game carried on ABC and TSN)

* - Oakland at Denver (an ESPN game carried on TSN)

So we can see eight games out of the sixteen (if you have digital service, otherwise seven). Not too bad, I guess - if you subscribe to a special sports package with your provider that includes NFL Sunday Ticket, you'd be able to get all those other CBS and FOX games this afternoon.
Tags: nfl, tv

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