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The Oregon Trail (and back): particulars

This moment returned from the massage therapist. She is keenly observant and highly knowledgeable. She thinks that what might be happening is that I'm tensing up in one area, and then another area compensates for it, and so I can infer that the compensation is essentially short-term gain for long-term pain, and you get compensations for the compensations, and then you have me going to anyone who'll listen, saying “I hurt everywhere!”

My ideas about why I ended up like this are legion: everything from carrying loaded backpacks (too far, too often, and sometimes even on one shoulder) to spending copious amounts of time reading or playing video games while resting on one elbow. I haven't been exercising enough (at least not while staying here) since pre-calculus mathematics started kicking my ass back in summer 2009. I've been fast and loose when it comes to ergonomics. I've been storing stress tension in my legs. I stressed myself out spending almost 2 years trying to become something I wasn't talented enough in the right ways to be. I drove my big, heavy car to school every morning in constant stop-and-go traffic. I helped bail hay when I wasn't really fit enough to do it. I worked as a data entry operator. I worked two call center jobs. I've always walked funnily. I feel like I've always been exceptionally lazy (in particular ways), though I often notice people who are even lazier (again, in particular ways) and then I realize I probably shouldn't be so hard on myself. Kick yourself, but try to refrain from putting yourself down.

She also identified a problem with the back of my neck - at least one muscle is contracted. That's why using my laptop was starting to hurt so much. Anyway, she says it's easy to fix - it's just like a rusted bolt and she's the WD-40.

Two important things I've learned: 1) Start your investigations as soon as you find a normal activity is causing you pain. 2) Billy Joel had it right in Anthony's Song. In my case, what was the use of enduring a ton of overtime to save an extra $1000 when I'm just ending up spending it again on therapy?

I may yet require surgery (most likely for my elbows and/or wrists, as I believe them to be independently screwed up), but I now realize that I need to live as if I don't and won't. In situations like this, you have to try because you might succeed – as always, be careful about not trying since that's automatic failure.

To wit, I'm going to go on my little vacation gung-ho and guns blazing. If you're going to be where I'm going to be, by all means give me a call, or send me a message, or send me a message and ask for my number if you don't already have it.

Here are the glorious details:

Portland, OR: Arrive this Thursday the 11th in the late afternoon. I’ll be there for my cousin’s open house Friday evening and the wedding and reception Saturday evening. I depart late Sunday night and fly “overnight” (a cross-continent flight, yes, but three hours will magically disappear) to…

Toronto, ON: Arrive Monday morning the 15th, a week from today. Among other things, I'd like to visit the CBC Museum and maybe there’ll be stuff going on like a show taping or something, but it’s the summertime so I don’t expect very much. Not like they tape The National before a studio audience. ;-p

I’m also going to revisit the Mill St. Brew Pub, though with 10 varieties left for me to even try, many many many more trips to Toronto will be required!

I will not be in Toronto a quarter as long as I should like, but at least the reason why is a happy one: my grandfather in Shrerbrooke will be having his 90th birthday the weekend after next. So I'll be leaving Toronto Thursday evening. Y’all got about 78 hours to catch me. I’ve had a 12-hour visit before, though, and met people, so hey! Anything’s possible.

See you later!
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