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Oh, boy. I think several years of having my head aimed down at my computer screen have caught up with me - SCM syndrome for the win! (If such a definition exists.) This laptop has been my primary computer since 2007. Its ergonomics suck, but that is the bane of using a laptop. (Don't even talk to me about the touchpads. Ever try and play a real-time strategy game on one of those?)

So I have something new to talk to the physiotherapist about - and I need to limit my time on the computer, perhaps severely! I think this might put the kaibosh on my doing a programming concentration for my upcoming IT program. Being a hardware guy would be better (if such specialties exist?), as you get to move somewhat. I dunno, though. Or maybe I should work towards becoming a library clerk or an elementary school teacher - those things would be contingent on getting my feet in deck shape, but I think that's doable.

I've come around to the idea that working at the call centre was really just the straw that broke the camel's back. It brought the poor posture and lack of exercise in my general life to a quicker boiling point. In a way I should be thankful - it's far better to have this at 29 than 49. I might have a little more "raw material" to work with.

How's the physio going? Well, for starters I am actually TYPING this! I haven't typed like this in weeks. Gotta go easy, though - I am nowhere near out of the woods. The exercises seem to be helping a bit - especially the ones for my tarsal tunnel, as they're super easy and I feel a wave of relief hit my poor feet right off the bat.

Worrisome to me, the physiotherapist detected a scoliosis. In English, this means my spine is a bit curvy. Perhaps it's not uncommon in tall people (especially tall folks like me who spend way too much time in Hunched-over-in-front-of-the-computer Land), and with me it's barely cosmetically detectable, but it's a sign I need to incorporate some drastic lifestyle changes if I don't want to lead a miserable life in chronic pain.

If anyone else is interested to know, this particular message board thread woke me up to the idea that I need to make some adjustments. (Check out the third page: "Hi all, I have had very similar symptoms for two years, but I am finally making some progress drug free. It all started when I was under a large amount of stress and sitting at a computer for very long times. I would feel tingling sensations in my face and have dizzy like symptoms...")

I bought a proper work chair today, which is a start. Next I need to get a computer screen and keyboard to hook to this laptop so I can stow it and work (and I mean work - I must watch fewer YouTube Let's Play videos! - the guy who actually most of the ones I watch spends less time a day making them then I do during the spurts when I'm watching them!). I got an ergonomic mouse, too - it'll at least be less likely to re-aggravate the carpal tunnel, but it doesn't do much for cubital (you still have to do elbow work to move the mouse).

More to say, but it's gotta wait.
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