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14. Opening Night, Part 1

Sheesh, just as I'd gotten set up in the Castelet, one of the residences came in and took it over for their meeting! ;-p I could have stayed, but it would have been too weird.

Earlier I needed change, so I put $20 in the vending machine and pressed the coin return button. All but $3 came in quarters. It was a hefty handful and still is quite a pocketful.

For a $800 car, my mother's Cadillac is receiving a lot of compliments. Jean-Douglas even went out of his way to express that he understood such a choice, as he himself is a Cadillac owner. For my part, I would rather be driving a Cavalier that has a working blower*! ;-p Perhaps we'll be able to get that seen to after I get back to civilization. Oh, also, from my experience this is a phrase best used very carefully when speaking with Clare natives. j/k

So I came to campus this evening and the place looked deserted. I opened the door to one residence in order to speak with someone there, and I stumbled in on the pre-contract residence meeting. I quickly and quietly closed the door.

I'm driving this evening, so the "wine" in "wine and cheese" will most certainly be limited to a single glass. That being said, I have the opportunity to take the greater part of our gang back to Little Brook, so at least I'll be useful.

"You're a lifesaver, Will! We were thinking we might just steal some wine and a platter of cheese and go back to the apartment and get shit-faced."

"Don't you have work tomorrow?"

"Yes, but my boss told me to enjoy myself this evening and worry about tomorrow later. He did warn me, though, that I'll be spending most of the day on the back of a quad."

Oh boy. I'll say this about the library - it doesn't move much! If there's any spinning, I brought it with me!

* - Below the instrument cluster there was a rocker switch sticking through the vinyl. Below that was written, in permanent marker, "HEATER FAN OFF / ON". For a while this switch worked, though it sometimes burned our fingers. Here, during the first week of the program, when I was trying to get it off using the edge of the remote door opener (so I wouldn't get burned), I inadvertently buried the switch. This presented a huge problem as the heater would keep right on going whether or not the engine was running. I eventually had to borrow Ben's knife so I could slice out an opening through which I could insert a pair of scissors to restrain the base of the switch so I could switch the heater off. It hasn't been turned back on since. I'm hoping against hope that we'll be able to get the ventilation systems rewired to the actual factory controls (so as to be able to, say, control the intensity of the fan), but this could be just a fantasy. ... Anyway, instead of using the blower, I use what somebody here dubbed "Mexican Air Conditioning" or what I've heard an Islander call "4/80". It's a little noisy, but it works!
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