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11. Like this, like that

"How's it going, Will?"

"Like this, like that."

"Just 'like this, like that'?"

"Yes, because I can't feel my left hand!"

It's bugging the crap out of me that my feelings for this place may forever be tainted by the memories of pain. It's really annoying - for some reason it's worse on my left side these days. I also can't sleep on that side, whether or not I'm using the wrist braces. When I try my left side I can feel the pressure build up in the wrist and it'll start to pain almost immediately.

It could be worse, sure. I could be paralyzed or amputated. I could have a terminal illness. But you'll excuse me if the prospect of a life of chronic pain doesn't make me jump for joy. It's going to be 1) painful and 2) expensive, and I won't have the luxury to waste such a life writing blog posts and playing video games! ;-p

I have a new idea about it - I wonder if it could have something to do with my shoulders. I hurt more when I'm wearing my backpack, for example. I'm going to make another doctor's appointment - I may well have carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms, but I am not convinced that is the whole story. I wonder if I should get tested for diabetes and/or MS.

* * *

Nick drove Dan and me down here to the campus for the supper for the students who arrived today. I put my sheets in the laundry and made a blog post before eating - priorities first! Perhaps it is because I came when the food was already cold that the place was pretty quiet. It could also be that since the students tend to be younger in the summer session, there will be fewer travelling independently, and they'll for the most part arrive together on the busses tomorrow.

Anyway, for my part I'm going to keep an eye on Nick throughout this coming week - it's about 20km between campus and Meteghan, and if I can hitch a ride with him, so much the better for my bank balance! It really sucks that we all have to be so far away from each other. Then again, apparently last year the solution was to bunk everybody at a hall deep in the woods where there were no beds or showers. The participants were obliged to sleep in sleeping bags and to take their showers on campus, that being ~10km away.

If the French I've learned will stick with me longer than this pain, I'll consider this experience well worthwhile.
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