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8. Panic on the road of Saulnierville, Panic on the road of Comeauville

Things are chugging along at the work placement. A lot of Acadian is spoken around me, but I’m not picking up much, if any, of it. One reason for this is half the lexicon seems to be either Middle French or loanwords from Mi'kmaq. The other reason might be, as the librarian put it: “I don’t think you have an ear for languages.” She’d seen how I laboured to understand a frequent visitor to the library.

Today this same visitor was at a computer, and he called me over and pointed out a tick that was crawling up his arm. He told me that one such as that is not dangerous, but that there is a smaller kind of tick that is dangerous. He told me to watch out for a bull’s eye pattern surrounding a bite – if you see that, head for the doctor.

If there have been any problems here, concerning both the immersion program and the subsequent work experience, I brought them with me. My wrists, for example. Well wouldn’t you know it, the librarian let me drive her car to the doctor’s office! It worked out well for everyone because we needed to head out that way anyway so that the CAP site assistant could put up some programming posters at various stores.

We also needed to stop at The Source formerly known as The Source by Circuit City formerly known as Radio Shack formerly known as Marconi Wireless formerly known as Lille Semaphore formerly known as Ye Olde Smoke ande Mirrores Compagyne to pick up some MiniDV tapes and price a Firewire cable. That being done, I went back to the Honda and attempted to unlock the doors using the remote. Instead, I activated the PANIC mode.

The CAP assistant ran back into the store (and later reported extreme embarrassment – I can understand that, as she’s a teenager and she lives here) while I tried with the remote to get the car to calm down. The car was panicking – I was not, as all this merely reminded me of a certain scene in Little Miss Sunshine. I hopped in it and started it up and drove around to the side of the building in the hopes of being somewhat out of sight (though I had no hope of being out of earshot). The horn yet blared. The lights were going crazy too, though not to any great effect because of the bright sunlight.

I stopped the car and dove into the glove compartment. HONK HONK HONK Yes, there was a manual. HONK HONK HONK Index… “PANIC?” HONK HONK HONK No, nothing. HONK HONK HONK Ok… “Remote?” Yes. OK, to deactivate panic mode HONK HONK HONK put the key in the number “II” position HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK HO-.

I drove back to the front of the store, and eventually a worried and stricken CAP assistant slowly emerged from the entrance, trepidatiously opened the passenger door, and gingerly seated herself. She collected her wits and said something like “Oh my God! That totally freaked me out!”

“Well, the car was panicking – the trick is not to panic along with it!”

And with that I drove her to her destination and then I took myself to the doctor’s office – that is, after unnecessarily driving back to Meteghan and returning to Saulnierville again after discovering that today’s doctor was at the pharmacy in Saulnierville, not the community health centre in Meteghan.

The doctor informed me that I probably have a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome and he also demonstrated that I probably do not have tennis elbow. He told me to keep wearing the wrist braces while I sleep, but not to wear them during the day. (I am wearing them now to type this, but only because I’ve been on the computer for a long while and feel the need.) He also gave me a slip suggesting physio should self-referral not cut it when I go. (That reminds me, I’ll call the clinic I have in mind tomorrow and attempt to make an appointment for a fortnight hence.)

That’s the news from Baie Sainte-Marie, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.
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