William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

7. Cars 2

Just got back from Yarmouth. Was a good trip! I spent way too much money, but it was a splurge-ish kind of occasion. It was terrific to eat at a Boston Pizza and shop at a real top-flight Superstore. These things are on par with Disney World after a month within the bounds of Digby County.

We all kind of did our own things* and I ended up seeing Cars 2. Good movie. I hadn’t even seen Cars, but I figured that it wouldn’t be essential to have seen it, and it turned out that I was vindicated. The backgrounds were incredible – nigh-indistinguishable from reality. The cars were – well, cars, but Pixar does as well with them as anybody ever could. The movie has something for everybody from car buffs to linguists to James Bond fans. Really, really well done – it was an authentic, globe-spanning tour de force. It’s not as heart-touching as WALL-E or Up or Ratatouille, but it’s still well worth viewing. A solid 8/10 from me. I think the fact that there seemed to have been an inexhaustible supply of rocket fuel towards the end may have cost a quarter- or even a half-point. It was all a little bit too easy sometimes. Also, Hawaiian Vacation is no For the Birds!

* - Many thanks to Dale and Katherine for looking after our stuff while we were hither and yon.
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