William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

6. Tenderfoot

The branch manager was at the library today and she set me to a few tasks that are keeping me pleasantly occupied. The first item of business is to make a complete inventory of all the equipment associated with the CAP Site, right down to the keyboards and mice, complete with model numbers and serial numbers. Then, for the benefit of a summer program for children, they’ll want me to investigate how they’ll be able to shoot stuff with the video camera and after that make DVDs. Pretty basic stuff, I guess. It’s nice to be needed.

After work we picked up some tables and a lawn mower at a cabin / community hall and we delivered the lawn mower to Château J-D. He has this great outside staircase that leads to a deck on top of his roof, from which you can see for miles and miles and miles and miles – again, just like Pete Townshend. I wish I’d had my camera at both stops.

After arriving chez-nous, a few of us hopped in Dale’s car and took off for the “falls”. I got lots of great pictures there. I cut my foot a little bit on a rock when I was about to go in the water for a second time, but the experience was worth it in the end.

We had a campfire this evening. The sky at dusk was again amazing – almost every night there’s an incredible and completely unique display. The mosquitoes drove me away at first and I was obliged to return to the residence for bug repellent. I rode back on “Ashley’s” bike – holy crap, was it ever murder on my knees; the seat is adjusted to be too low even for her – and I came back by car with the bike on the back seat.

One thing I really like about this Young Canada Works program is that it gives me some time to reflect over what I’ve learned during the formal session. I’m kind of glad that we’re obliged to speak French so often – it’s much better to get it out of your system here than it is to come home and force occasional effusions of French on your friends and loved ones. Not that I’ve ever done that.
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