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5. Random Things That I Think Are Interesting

You find a lot of interesting things fronting shelves:

- The Frenchy's Connection *and* its sequel, Pardon My Frenchy's. These two were written by a pair of ladies who are obsessed with Frenchy's - their books are crammed with tips, tricks, travelogues - and I even spied a Frenchy's "Bingo". This would be the place to play such a game, as there are more Frenchy's around here than there are Tim Hortons.

- D'où je viens - not a story of a hometown, but rather a primer for young children on sexuality complete with illustrations*

- A Short History of Nova Scotia - printed 2009: in its simple binding and layout it looks much older, but you can't judge a book by its co- no, I can't finish typing that cliché. I borrowed this one and am in the process of reading it. It's like Grade 6 history in an evening. I don't happen to know much about Nova Scotia history as I was in PEI for that year, where there was a massive tome dedicated to PEI history, some of which I might still remember.

- Speaking of massive tomes, they have a copy of a newer edition of The Backyard Astronomer's Guide than the one I read several years ago. Terence Dickinson's books may be the best ones there are for hobbyists or those with an interest in the subject.

- There was a grammar and usage book (for English) that I might well avail myself of**. Also, there was a book very much like The Stories of English but about the French language (through the medium of English). One of these two should be next on my priority list - probably the first, as I have no formal grounding in grammar whatsoever. I have an English degree and I don't know (explicitly) what a coordinating conjunction is or what a predicate does.

The library also has one other very important thing going for it - it's within a block-equivalent of the only Tim Hortons for miles and miles and miles and miles. Even Pete Townshend wouldn't be able to see it from Sainte-Anne.

* - I'd be tempted to buy such a book for my kids and let them prepare for their French and Health tests in one go. ;-p

** - Of which I might well avail myself? ;-p
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