William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

3. Monday


No sign of my sunglasses. So now I need new sunglasses, and at least two new memory cards. This little junket is starting to get expensive!

I have this whole day to myself, but sorting photos is pretty much out of the question. Too much mouse-work. I need to rest my arms for actual paying work. Should I go to the clinic in Methegan and get turned away again?

Last night the person who lives above me had her HEPA filter on – wow, does it ever make a racket! I had thought that there was a generator running outside or something, and I even went around the building to investigate. She turned it off when we figured out that it was that which was causing the mysterious noise in my room.

My technical support training has come in handy. So far I’ve helped two people out with their various problems and gotten them connected to the internet. Then one asked why I wasn’t doing this for a living. Could I do so outside of the call centre? I will never work in a call centre again.

“I think what gets me about the biological research is that I thought it would be about protecting the environment – but we’re doing things like killing fish, tearing apart lobsters while they’re alive…” LOL. They were doing the latter to test the pH levels to make sure they were edible. Also the lobsters have clear blood. The person telling me all this was torn between the tragedy and the fascination of it.

I said, “There’s probably a sign on the research centre gates in Lobsterese: ‘Work will set you free’.” (Note: That was just an awful joke. To my knowledge, nothing scientifically useful was gleaned from the deplorable ‘experiments’ conducted by the likes of Josef Mengele et al.)

Curiously, either last night or this afternoon I had this funny dream where people (a few of them felt like acquaintances) were slicing up and eating a giant sea turtle while it was still alive.

Nick hosted a little barbeque for us tonight and I guess after our food settles a little we’ll have a brief but very important meeting. Tomorrow I will start at the library. I will also search for wrist braces or something so that I will be able to type and sleep more easily. This article seems to have been written by a fellow who had experienced the same problems that I am currently experiencing.

I cranked up the kitchen sink faucet in the kitchen of our unit, and water poured out in two directions – up and down. I guess that explains the foil wrap around the end of it. And while I’m on the subject of water-related utilities, the bathroom of our unit is one of the groadiest I’ve seen this side of the seediest hotels in Ukraine. There’s enough mold and mildew in there that they could perform the biological research right here and obviate the commute.

In other biology, I went for a walk after sunset and I saw lots of fireflies in the Little Forest. They kind of spooked me at first – I thought that someone was lurking in the woods with a cell phone or LED light. They were clustered in a slightly marshy area along the path I was taking.

Out on the beach, the view was spectacular – clouds, sea, and stars. I didn’t have my camera but it would have been almost useless anyway. No technology I know of can capture and recreate the feeling of being there – the expanse above, the muted breezes, the twilight and the fireflies.
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