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2. Maybe Tomorrow...

Zo... nous sommes en train de parler le français au salon. C’est pas mal. C’est bon que nous puissions pratiquer plus. Ce n’est pas sérieux aussi. Je pense que ça va marcher.

Nick gave me the schedule for the library, and they are only open 33 hours a week. I’m supposed to work 35. Like many country libraries, they have funny hours. But for a moment I’d forgotten that a lot of library work is done in the absence of patrons. At any rate, I will not be working tomorrow. I recently cracked open the last of Ben’s Oland Exports – thanks, Ben. ;-p Ben and I had a profound conversation during the session about why we never see Oland Export for sale in other places. The name would suggest you could go anywhere and purchase this very beer. Apparently it’s also not very good French to say “Bière Export”, but they do so all the same.

So if I’m not working tomorrow, and I don’t want to work Saturday (I really, really don’t), I’ll have to make up the time one of the days. It is good that I have my own vehicle, as I don’t need to rely solely on Nick for transportation, though he calls himself “Taxi Nick” all the same.

I’ve gotten all my crap moved here and said goodbye to Poitviene. We’re watching a tape-delayed UEFA U-21 match and Julie is in the process of taking apart a Banana Republic sweater ($4 at Frenchy’s) for the Merino wool. She intends to make mittens. She’s having a bit of trouble getting nice long runs of wool as the sweater was probably machine-made, but she says she’ll be able to hide the knots that will link the bits together.

I’m noticing that typing is not helping out my fingers any. Perhaps I have carpal tunnel and tennis elbow? Egads.
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