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1. Steamy, Sunny Sunday - William Matheson's Journal

Jun. 19th, 2011

02:24 pm - 1. Steamy, Sunny Sunday

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Went and had breakfast at the Meteghan Tim Hortons. I’d forgotten what their coffee tasted like and was happy to have it again.

My elbows / wrists are driving me nuts. I wonder if it wasn’t the incessant clapping towards the end of the program that helped do me in. So I go to the quote-unquote “drop-in clinic”, also in Meteghan, that’s open from 1 to 3 this afternoon.

“Did you call ahead to see the doctor?”


“I’m afraid she’s fully booked for today. Is this an emergency?”


“I’m afraid you’ll have to come back another day.”

Yeah, I guess so. I am now googling for a Halifax-or-Bedford-area physiotherapy clinic. I have been doing exercises all this time, but when my fingers are numb and tingling, I get worried. Every day without treatment of some kind, I could be permanently damaging my nerves.

Weather-wise, the day began with a shocker of a thunderstorm and very heavy rain. That cooled things off here quite a bit, and around noontime the fog started rolling in off the Bay, and the high sun struggled to cast an eerie glow on the Clare shore. Around 1 or so the sun succeeded in breaking the fog, and now everything is bright and beautiful. This can be a heck of a place sometimes.

I also finally remembered to wash the bird shit off my passenger door handle, thankfully before I had any passengers. That would have been a heck of a way to impress a hopeful girlfriend. It’s sparkling clean now.

Better wrap this up and start getting things moved over here. And go Rory!

Current Mood: soresore