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0. Saturday: Partings in the Rain

The Intersession and Young Canada Works

It’s raining cats and dogs this morning, making it difficult for people to get their things into their vehicles – and, I suppose, the buses. If the weather allowed I would stand by the buses and say some goodbyes and see people off like I did last time under the sun, but it would be pretty miserable to do it now under the rain.

I left my sunglasses in the Beaulieu laundry room yesterday afternoon. The building is locked up now and presumably devoid of people. After lunch I’ll see if I can get a security guard to let me in to grab them. But at least there’s a fighting chance that they’re still there – Julie’s fiancé accidentally left one of his car doors unlocked last night and somebody swiped a really expensive pair of sunglasses from it. Mine aren’t so very expensive, but I really do need them.

* * *

I was able to get into Beaulieu anyway because one of my dormmates still had his keys from there. I went and checked but the sunglasses weren’t there. I asked at the security desk in the main building and he told me to check back there on Monday because a whole bunch of things were turned in either last night or this morning, but he didn’t know where it had all gone to, so I’d need to speak with the receptionist, who will be back on Monday. I will be working on Monday, but I might be able to get a word or two in with the receptionist before I have to get on the minibus or into a car with Nick.

* * *

The rain’s let up, so it’s a good time to start moving my stuff over. I could stay here at Poitvine another night, but it’s really eerie to be alone in the building. It’s like some kind of solo-protagonist post-apocalyptic cinema-of-the-bleak thing.

Heh – I was mistaken. Julie’s still here. I knocked on her door and asked if the bit of red wine in the common room was hers. Guess I’ll take it. ;-p

My writs hurt like hell today. I think it was writing the tests and all that blankety-blank clapping that re-aggravated them. Man, if I never have to applaud again for six months, six months plus a day will be too soon.

I had thought that there would be a BBQ today, but there wasn’t. Fortunately for me my roommates were eager to share a bit of spaghetti that they’d prepared.

I don’t even know why I’m writing banal things like this. I feel profoundly empty, so perhaps it’s just to fill the silence with a bit of noise.

* * *

I’ve moved my computer and a few other e-things over to Bellefontaine, because I can almost kind of get internet here (provided the window is open). Rory McIlroy is tearing up the Blue Course at the Congressional Country club in the background.

Okay, I can’t really get internet off the main building’s wi-fi – it’s just a little bit too far away. Bummer. … Oh, wait, eff that – there’s a cable modem in the bottom drawer of my desk! And it works! Now we’re talking!

But I’m going to stay at Poitviene one more night. Julie will be there too, and she’s not moving over here until tomorrow. A lot of people have gone to Halifax for the weekend. I can understand the temptation – in my case, I’m not the least bit tempted since I can go into Halifax pretty much whenever I want. It’s like how someone from Mississauga can hardly be excited about going into to Toronto – at least, if they are excited, it won’t be because it’s Toronto.
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