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14. Today in Sports

Today in Softball

Today we played Lapointe. We got down early by 4 or 5 but we mounted a big comeback and won 7-6. We got a lot of our extra bases through fielding errors.

I played right field again. Nothing came my way – everything was going left. Didn’t have much of a game at the plate. I had three plate appearances, each with the bases loaded. I struck out swinging on the first and last, and in the middle appearance I hit a low one that got the runner at third out. I was then left stranded on base by the next play.

Funny thing – when we switched sides I forgot that I was on offence, and I went back to sit on the bench! I guess I don’t get on the basepaths all that often. Also, for those keeping track something for me to know, my hitting average is now 1 for 6, thus 0.166 – well below the Mendoza Line! Egads!

Today in Soccer

We had two matches this evening in the indoor soccer tournament.

The game as played here differs from real soccer in a few ways – there are five players per side and there’s no designated goalkeeper, though you’re allowed to keep a player in front of your goal – but per’s just like a regular player and per can’t touch the ball with per hands. I suppose I could have said you’re allowed to keep players in front of your goal and then have gone on to use the gender neutral third person plural, but I can’t see why anyone would want to keep more than one player in front of the goal for any prolonged length of time – you need all the offence you can get in this game!

First match: I was on for about half of it – I never could quite get the hang of where my teammates were, so a few times I let people get balls because I thought they were on my team. We got scored on on a play where I had the opportunity to head the guy off but failed to do so. Then a few minutes later I took a ball directly to the equipment. To put it politely, I have a new appreciation for the necessity of athletic supporters. While I was writhing in agony outside the gymnasium after baling out the nearest exit so I could moan at the top of my lungs, we scored. The match ended one-all.

Second match: I played the entire match and although I was tired and weary I was able to concentrate enough to be effective. There was one case where I heard “Will!” and should have passed to the guy instead of trying for the goal myself, but he eventually ended up scoring on the drive anyway. We won the match two-nil.

“Everything okay, Will?”

“Yes, I think that I am going to have children.”

I would very much like to be able to say complex things like “I think that I will still be able to have children” on the spot, but I don’t really have the grammar for that in my pocket yet. With time, perhaps.

This post will be unscreened after the program.
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