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8. And here's what's happening in sports...

Softball Recap:

On Thursday afternoon we played against Beauséjour III. We won by a score of 17 to 6. We batted first.

We had a great first baseman for most of the game. She really knew what she was doing – five of the six runs for Beauséjour III were scored in the inning where she played left field. (At that moment I was thankful that we have a limit of five runs per inning! We also only play five innings.) Our second baseman was awesome too, making several spectacular catches on defence and really hitting it long on offence.

I think I batted sixth or seventh. I played right field for the whole game. I had three plate appearances. My first two were strike-outs, the first being a called strike and the second a swinging strike, even though our facilitator drolly asked me to pretend the ball was his head. But on my third appearance I made contact with the ball and got a single to right. I then picked up two bases on a ground-rule double (the ball rolled into the Little Forest) and then scored a run on a single hit by the smallest person in our residence (she had a much better game than I did, getting at least two hits and at least this RBI).

This is probably my first time since elementary school that I reached base when it wasn’t on balls! Also, since I had three at-bats, I’m now officially a .333 hitter! That’s not too shabby, right? ;-p

Baseball and its derivatives go with English like beans and cornbread. You would think this would be easy to write since I chose to write in English. It isn’t. My mind has somewhat changed gears – I’m finding myself writing shorter sentences than usual, for instance. My sense of humour here is based on brief, pithy statements – for obvious reasons!

Time to eat. Catch you later – most definitely in French.

This post will be unscreened after the program.
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