William Matheson (nova_one) wrote,
William Matheson

0. Preliminaries

As many of you know, I won an Explore bursary on a second drawing. I'd won before, and consequently I think I was lucky to get in this time since priority is given to first-time applicants. As one Montrealer I spoke to in 2007 incredulously put it, "You can do this twice?!"

The environment is total French immersion, so as of Monday night, following the class and workshop assignments (Il n'y a pas de chapeau de classification*, mais nous avons un pre-test) and contract signing, blogging en anglais will be a no-no. As I did last time, I will probably get a few posts in by way of USB key (there's no internet in the rooms, which is probably a good thing) - since I need to compose them in French, they take a long time to write, but it's invaluable practice. You'll see that last time, because I was a greenhorn, I started off with a few English posts - it won't be that way this time. Get your Wiktionary and Google Translate ready. ;-p

The reality that we're going to be under total French immersion has a few e-consequences:

1. My long-form posts will continue to appear on Facebook thanks to syndication technology, but I won't be accessing Facebook itself. Replies to Facebook posts, comments, friend requests, event invitations, and even Facebook messages will be deferred until the end of the immersion period (sometime on the weekend of June 17th).**

2. I might Tweet a little bit in French, but I will only be texting Twitter - I won't be using Twitter itself to monitor @-replies or messages.

3. As far as this blog er, LiveJournal, goes, I won't be reading the "Friends" page, nor will I be able to reply to or screen / unscreen comments. My interaction with LiveJournal will be limited to copy-and-pasting my laboriously pre-composed "lettres" française. Speaking of which, I'd better set the interface to French right now so that I don't run afoul of the rules.

4. So if you need to contact me, and it can't wait, e-mail is the best bet: me@willmatheson.com. We are allowed to use e-mail. Also, if you have my cell number, you can leave me a voice mail and I'll be able to get back to you using the residence pay phone.

Anyhow, time to get my act together. I'd like to go today (Saturday) around lunchtime and get there and moved in before supper, then enjoy the evening with the other early arrivals.

* - In Harry Potter in French, it's a "Choixpeau magique". :-)

** - Actually, it will be deferred further than that - have you ever heard the magic words soirée anglaise? (The anticipation is keener than the execution, but it's still a heck of a party and an appropriate finale for a truly mind-warping, out-of-body experience.)
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