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"Fare is fare"

I received a reply to my post on the poll closing times:

Releasing results after BC polls close would be the simple and fare way to manage it. In certain circumstances I may choose to vote strategically if I knew early results, which would be an option unavailable to voters in the east so in a big country like Canada make all votes as equal as possible, fare is fare. I have enjoyed election nights more that hockey, but in the light of the advent of social media lets just adapt. Forgo my entertainment and the media profits and be fare. It is actually quite simple. Da.

My reply:

I think the votes are fair and equal anyway, and voters should have the maximum information possible going in. I suppose that would give a slight information advantage to western voters, but please remember that these are de jure single-member constituencies we're talking about, with candidates that just happen to have extra-constitutional party allegiances printed on the ballots.

I don't agree that we should adapt to the spirit or even the letter of a law that so thoroughly impinges upon our fundamental liberties but offers so little demonstrated societal benefit. I think it's gotta go.

Chris Noseworthy, an editor at the Western Star, makes a valiant effort to demonstrate the "horrors" we might go through were the law to be repealed. Even then, you're probably in the tinfoil-hat crowd if you see it coming to pass.

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