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ba-ba-ba-ba-baby, don't forget my number (number)

I took out the green bin (Halifaxese for "Organics Cart") just now while waiting for a response from Catherine. Mhaigh ("May"), the horse, whinnied at me so severely as I walked by that she actually scared me. She got up on her hind legs and everything, and she wasn't even due to be fed for another two hours. Of course, I fed her after returning from the end of the driveway, because I'm going to bed soon...

The whole episode made me quite irate at the fact that I'm responsible for feeding barnyard animals while living in the suburbs. I wish Mom would do more with the horse. The whole thing is simply ridiculous.

I've heard from Catherine, and she says that she had to go back to Truro over family issues. Ah. So I think we're still cool, though I have to laugh when she says she didn't have my number with her. What was the point of getting (902)-877-WILL (9455) if people can't remember it? OMG frustrating / LOL amusing.

It's like when I tell people to visit willmatheson.com, and then they ask me what the address is. Augh!
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